Simple Exercises to sing better - ASAP

No pain, no gain. 

That's why you have to work on improving your singing in either small or big ways.

In our commitment to provide you resources to help in your journey, we come across a great sites which gives lots of tips for singing. The below tips are taken from  

Four simple items come with simple exercise yoru can try. But don’t forget to have fun while getting better at your craft as a singer.

To make it easier to remember how to have killer vocals, just think about ASAP which stands for Alignment, Stretch, Air and Phrasing.

  • A =  Alignment

Alignment makes your voice work or wear out. Poor posture leaves the vocal instrument prone to cracking and burning out. Good alignment frees up your voice and gives the singer plenty of support and sound.

Notice when you hear a good singer how they don’t sound like they are screaming.

Plus you’ll notice they keep their chins level as they sing instead of reaching up (especially on high notes.)

Exercise to try: Lean your hips into a wall with your feet about 1 foot away from the wall. Press your lower back and back as well as your shoulders and head against the wall. If your lower back or neck has a hard time reaching the wall, you have alignment issues that are limiting your voice.

  • S = Stretch

Singers are athletes of the small muscles of the voice and breathing. Can you imagine an athlete running a race without stretching their legs?

Now imagine a singer singing a 2 hour concert without stretching their instrument. The result is a tight voice which ends up in strain and over time more serious vocal problems.

Exercise to try:Start by stretching your whole body as well as the muscles of the voice and breathing to open up your body to create much less tension and strain and help you to avoid longer term injury.

  • A = Air

Do you know what fuels your voice? It’s Air and breath. Most singers don’t breathe enough and often their breathing muscles are tight and constricted. Use your breath to better fuel your voice and to open your ribcage allowing the diaphragm to drop.

Exercise to try: Place your hands on your ribcage with your fingers wrapping around the front and your thumbs around back. Squeeze your ribs with medium pressure. Slowly breathe into your ribs inching them outwards along with your stomach and back expanding gently. Imagine the diaphragm dropping down into the space you create.

  • P = Phrasing

Phrasing is the quickest way to make the voice sound better. Phrasing in pop music comes from rhythm and blues, so if ya wanna sound better, study blues phrasing.

Exercise to try: Try singing “the blues”. Don’t rush your phrases or you’ll sound too “eager.” Also, try singing your own songs with a more “blues” approach.

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