Music and Wellness 

(featured in American blog:)

Want to Improve Wellbeing? SING!... like no one is watching.

Today’s lifestyle make most everyone prone to stress. If you think about it, back when cancer and high blood pressure were exceptions and not the norm, people didn’t have to deal with...

Live Life to the Fullest

(featured in Canadian Blog)

How many articles have you read talking about how to live life to the fullest? These would probably end with a list of things you can do. But let me try to speak from the heart to try to get your to appreciate this article’s title.

As a dreamer, I have faced...

Helsinki on my Mind 

(featured by Argentinian blog)

Yup – that should be a title of a Ray Charles song, except that I’m thinking about the vibrant seadise city of Helsinki.

It was my first time in Finland and I’ve planned to go North to Lapland after my Helsinki trip. I missed the Northern Lights as local friends I made during the trip warned me it will be a wasted trip since they may not be visible...

late bloomers rock! 

Go and live the forgetten dream 

Was it a new job, a promotion, a marriage or a divorce, perhaps having your first child or even moving to a new country that preoccupied you enough to forget a dream you’ve had when you were a little girl (or boy)?

It seems people have many regrets despite the reasons to celebrate for being successful by the world’s standards.

Many CEOs, top scientists, investors and bosses of hundreds and thousands of employees I speak to sulk at the thought of ...

Frazzled adjective /ˈfræz·əld/

tired and nervous or anxious, often because of having to deal with too many things at the same time

When I heard the word, I wanted to file a patent and make it my own. Stressed, busy, out-of-time don’t seem to capture what I felt. Frazzled – now this word strikes home!

There are a lot of advice given how you can cope with and manage with stress, but here’s one thing...


  1. Tell a STORY through your song. Give meaning to the words you’re singing. Even if it’s a song you’ve heard a million times before, your can bring something new to it.
  2. TEACH someone a song they didn’t know before. Or LEARN a new song to expand your horizons. Sharing your music is a great way to improve your singing craft!
  3. Don’t forget to make steps to reach your dreams. If you dream to sing on the world stage, follow KWC Singapore on Facebook!

Wikihow tells you how 

In, you can learn a million and one things like to how to look younger to how to prevent a flu to how to buy bitcoin or even how to toast sesame seeds!

It also has some useful tips on how to improve your singing voice without taking singing lessons. Now here’s our take on...

Amateur Singers: Read this

Singing is a performance art. With practice and support, you can develop a singing voice to get your ready for the world stage.

Here are some items to practice the next time you’re singing your karaoke piece...

Breathing for Singing 101

It’s a great thing to be alive!

One sure way to check if you indeed are alive is if you are able to breath… go ahead, check.

Although you don’t think much about it, correct breathing can give you power and endurance to keep you going and giving top-notch performance in your next karaoke concert....

No Pain, No Gain

That's why you have to work on improving your singing in either small or big ways.

In our commitment to provide you resources to help in your journey, we come across a great sites which gives lots of tips for singing. The below tips...

A Future of Holograms and VR

You step into a world where you will perform alongside your favourite artiste, sweat in the heat of the spotlights, bask in the adoration of your audience, record the experience for everyone to see. 

This is possible with...

Vocal Tricks to Make you World-Stage Ready

We continue to provide you with important tips from experts on how to make your dream of singing on the world stage closer than it was yesterday.

Pursuing your dream is not easy so get ready to do ...

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